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TWT Speech Therapy, LLC

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TWT Speech Therapy, LLC strives to empower children by improving their communication needs in a fun and supportive environment.  We provide speech and language teletherapy services and in-person services.   We service those with:                                              

·         Developmental delays                                          

·         Speech Sound Impairments                                 

·         Motor Speech Impairments                                  

·                                        Cognitive Impairments                                                                          

·         Down Syndrome                                                    

·   Receptive / Expressive Language Delays            

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

In the summer, we offer a literacy enrichment program. This program is open to all elementary aged students,  regardless if they need speech therapy support. 

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Speech Sounds Disorders

The inability to speak clearly or having difficulty combining sounds correctly for words.

For example: Tookie for cookie or kool for school.

Referral Indicators:

  • Your child does not use consonant sounds.

  • Other family members or people have difficulty understanding what your child is saying.

  • Your child leaves out sounds or omit words when speaking.

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Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders

Receptive Language-having difficulty understanding spoken language or following directions.

Expressive Language-the inability to use words or combine words in a sentence.

Referral Indicators:

  • Your child has difficulty with following simple directions.

  • Your child does not combine two to three words in a sentence.

  • Your child is unable to name common objects.

  • Your child repeats what is heard, rather than answer a question or respond correctly.

  • Your child becomes frustrated because he/she can not express him/herself.

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Our professional team is here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way. Schedule your free 15mins consultation today to ensure that you’re ready for what’s ahead.

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Insurance Plans We Accept

Covering the Care We Provide

We offer screenings, evaluations, and treatment options.  Please bring any medical records, IFSP/IEPs, hearing test, and other professional evaluations to your first appointment. Private pay clients are welcome. Superbills are provided after services are rendered, so that you can submit claims for reimbursement with your insurance provider. Check out our list of recognized insurers and schedule an appointment with us today.

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